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Philology Matters! Essays on the Art of Reading Slowly
Edited by Harry Lönnroth, Medieval and Renaissance Authors and Texts 19 (Brill 2017)
Edited by Sari Katajala-Peltomaa & Susanna Niiranen (Brill 2014)
Morality, Crime and Social Control in Europe 1500–1900
Edited by Olli Matikainen & Satu Lidman (FSL 2014)
Scandinavia in the Age of Revolution. Nordic Political Cultures, 1740-1820
Edited by Pasi Ihalainen, Michael Bregnsbo, Karin Sennefelt, and Patrik Winton (Ashgate 2011)
Physical and Cultural Space in Pre-industrial Europe. Methodological Approaches to Spatiality
Edited by Marko Lamberg, Marko Hakanen & Janne Haikari (Nordic Academic Press 2011)
Hopes and Fears for the Future in the Past
Edited by Petri Karonen (FSL 2009)